The Ultimate Guide to Grumpy Cat Decals: Adding a Feline Touch to Your Space


In the vast landscape of internet culture, few figures have captured the hearts and memes of millions quite like Grumpy Cat. With her perpetually displeased expression, Grumpy Cat became an icon of internet humor, spawning countless memes, merchandise, and even a feature film. Now, fans of this famous feline can bring her signature scowl into their homes with Grumpy Cat decals. These decorative stickers offer a fun and quirky way to personalize your space with the beloved grumpiness of everyone’s favorite cat.

Understanding Grumpy Cat Decals

Grumpy Cat decals are essentially stickers featuring the iconic scowling face of the famous feline. Available in various sizes and designs, these decals can be applied to walls, laptops, cars, and more, instantly adding a touch of humor and personality to any surface.

Exploring Etsy’s Grumpy Cat Decal Options

Etsy, known for its unique handmade and vintage goods, is a treasure trove of Grumpy Cat decals. Here are some featured options:

Product Name Seller Price Link
Grumpy Cat Vinyl Wall Decal GrumpyDecalsCo $15.99
Funny Grumpy Cat Laptop Decal StickerFrenzyCo $7.99
Angry Cat Car Decal DecalArtStudio $12.50

Finding Grumpy Cat Decals on Amazon

Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace, also offers a wide selection of Grumpy Cat decals. Here are some highlighted options:

Product Name Seller Price Link
Large Grumpy Cat Wall Sticker FunnyCatDecals $19.99
Cute Grumpy Cat Laptop Decal Set GrumpyExpressions $9.95
Funny Grumpy Cat Car Window Decal AngryKittyDecals $8.99

Customizing Your Grumpy Cat Decals

For those who relish the idea of putting their own spin on things, customizing Grumpy Cat decals is not only possible but also a delightful creative endeavor. While the options available on marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon provide fantastic designs, there’s something uniquely satisfying about crafting a decal that perfectly captures your vision.

DIY Decals:

Creating your own Grumpy Cat decals allows for ultimate personalization and creativity. Here’s a closer look at how you can embark on this crafty adventure:

Materials Needed:

  • Printable vinyl or sticker paper: These materials provide the base for your decal design and ensure it adheres smoothly to various surfaces.
  • Printer: A high-quality printer capable of producing vibrant colors and crisp details is essential for creating professional-looking decals.
  • Design software: Whether you’re a Photoshop pro or prefer user-friendly tools like Canva, having access to design software is crucial for bringing your vision to life.
  • Cutting tool: A sharp pair of scissors or a precision cutting machine, such as a Cricut or Silhouette, will help you achieve clean, precise cuts for your decals.

Designing Your Decal:

Before diving into the printing and cutting process, take some time to brainstorm ideas and sketch out your design. Consider the following elements to ensure your decal captures the essence of Grumpy Cat’s iconic grumpiness:

  • Facial expression: Grumpy Cat’s signature scowl is her trademark feature, so pay close attention to capturing the perfect frown.
  • Size and proportions: Determine the dimensions of your decal based on where you plan to apply it. Whether it’s a laptop decal or a wall sticker, ensure it fits the intended surface.
  • Additional elements: While Grumpy Cat’s expression steals the show, consider incorporating other elements, such as speech bubbles or quirky accessories, to enhance the overall design.

Printing and Cutting:

Once you’ve finalized your design, it’s time to bring it to life. Follow these steps to print and cut your custom Grumpy Cat decal:

  1. Load the printable vinyl or sticker paper into your printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Print your design onto the vinyl or sticker paper, making sure to select the highest quality settings for optimal results.
  3. Allow the ink to dry completely before proceeding to the cutting phase.
  4. Use your cutting tool to carefully trace around the outline of your design, ensuring precision and accuracy.
  5. Gently peel away the excess vinyl or sticker paper, leaving behind your custom Grumpy Cat decal.

Applying Your Decal:

With your freshly crafted decal in hand, it’s time to apply it to the desired surface. Follow these tips for a seamless application process:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dust, dirt, or residue that could affect adhesion.
  • Carefully peel the backing off the decal, taking care not to damage the design.
  • Position the decal on the surface and use a credit card or squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles.
  • Press firmly to ensure proper adhesion, paying special attention to the edges.
  • Allow the decal to cure for 24 hours before exposing it to water or extreme temperatures.

Maintenance and Care:

To prolong the life of your custom Grumpy Cat decal, it’s essential to provide proper maintenance and care. Here are some tips to keep your decal looking its best:

  • Avoid placing the decal in direct sunlight or high-heat areas, as this can cause fading or adhesive failure over time.
  • When cleaning around the decal, use mild soap and water rather than harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers to prevent damage.
  • If necessary, gently wipe the decal with a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt buildup, taking care not to scrub too vigorously.

Tips for Applying and Caring for Grumpy Cat Decals

Applying Grumpy Cat decals is a straightforward process, but there are some tips to ensure a smooth application and longevity of your stickers. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dust or debris.
  2. Carefully peel the backing off the decal, taking care not to damage the design.
  3. Position the decal on the surface and smooth out any air bubbles using a credit card or squeegee.
  4. Press firmly to ensure proper adhesion, especially around the edges.
  5. Allow the decal to cure for 24 hours before exposing it to water or extreme temperatures.

To maintain the quality of your Grumpy Cat decals, avoid placing them in direct sunlight or high-heat areas, as this can cause fading or adhesive failure. Additionally, be cautious when cleaning around the decal, using mild soap and water rather than harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers.

Beyond Decals: Other Grumpy Cat Merchandise

While Grumpy Cat decals offer a fun and versatile way to incorporate the famous feline into your life, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Grumpy Cat merchandise. Fans can indulge in a wide range of products featuring the iconic scowl, including plush toys, apparel, mugs, and accessories. Here are some additional Grumpy Cat merchandise options to explore:

  • Grumpy Cat Plush Toy: Perfect for cuddling up with your favorite grumpy companion.
  • Grumpy Cat T-shirt: Wear your disdain proudly with a Grumpy Cat-themed shirt.
  • Grumpy Cat Mug: Start your day with a dose of grumpiness with a Grumpy Cat mug.


Grumpy Cat decals offer a fun and whimsical way to incorporate the beloved internet sensation into your everyday life. Whether you’re decorating your walls, personalizing your gadgets, or adding a touch of humor to your car, these stickers are sure to bring a smile to your face. With a wide range of options available on platforms like Etsy and Amazon, it’s easier than ever to embrace the grumpiness and make it your own. So why wait? Deck out your space with Grumpy Cat decals and let the world know that you’re proud to be a member of the grumpy cat fan club.

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