Press the Gas on Your Company’s Advertising By Using Car Decals and With These Car Advertising Tips!

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What if your best advertising trick was sitting in your parking lot?

Custom car decals are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to market themselves. However, there is a world of difference between doing car advertising right and doing it wrong.

Want to know how you can take it to the next level with car decals? Keep reading to learn more!

Contact Info

It’s important to start with the basics. If you’ve never used car advertising stickers before, it may be hard to know where to start.

Fortunately, it’s fine to start simple. We recommend making sure your contact info (such as phone number and maybe an email address) is prominently featured in the sticker.

By definition, car decals are designed for local advertising. Providing your phone number lets interested locals immediately give your business a call.

For that reason, you should also consider including your business address. You’re already advertising to people on the road: once they have your address, they can drive right on up!

Your URL

You don’t have to be an advertising guru to know it’s all about cross-promotion. Your different advertising formats should not be isolated islands: instead, they should help each other out.

That’s why it is good to include your company URL as part of the car decal. With any luck, you already have a polished and professional website. The car advertising stickers are simply redirecting interested people directly to it.

Doing so is wise because many demographics (such as millennials) prefer to find out more about a company before calling or visiting. And it’s very easy for someone to write down the URL or snap a picture to check it out after they get home.

High Contrast

So far, we have focused on the basic info you should be including on the decal. However, that leaves a big question: just what should these stickers actually look like?

In many cases, you may defer to existing advertising details. This includes things like your existing company colors. Nonetheless, the best car decals still add some new elements to stand out.

We recommend using colors that have a high contrast with each other. The reason is simple: you want a car with a decal to really stand out. Otherwise, it may just blend in with all of the other vehicles on the highway.

Not Just One Car

Your mom was right: more isn’t always better. However, when it comes to car decal advertising, more really is better.

Having one car tricked out with decals is better than nothing. But why not have more? You can outfit company cars with these stickers and also encourage employees to put the stickers on their own vehicles.

Part of why this is feasible is because of the low cost of car decals. You can get several different decals for the cost of, say, a prominent ad in a local newspaper.

The more vehicles rocking your stickers, the better chance you have of being noticed. Try to get as many decals on the road as possible to really reap the benefits.

Where to Put It

Now you know a bit more about what to include on your car decals. But do you know where to place such decals?

You may have a mixture of traditional decals and magnetic signs. The magnetic signs are typically attached to your doors. When it comes to the decals, there is a big rule you must abide by.

Most decals are designed to stick to windows. When doing so, you need to attach it to the back and side windows only.

Most states have laws about not obscuring your front window. This keeps you from putting any decals on the front windshield. However, most potential customers are likelier to notice the sides and back of your car while driving.

Tax Time: Good News

Still on the fence about using car advertising decals? One bit of good news is that it can actually save you money on taxes!

When tax time comes around, don’t forget that car decals count as a business expense. And they can be written off just like any other business expense.

As we noted before, such decals are already a remarkably cheap way to advertise your company. The fact that it keeps more money in your wallet when you pay your taxes is just an awesome cherry on the top.

Major Slogan and Symbol

Quick question: does your company already have a symbol and a slogan? If not, you need to develop these ASAP.

Symbols and slogans were made for this exact kind of situation. Customers who only get a quick glimpse of the decal will nonetheless remember a big, eye-catching symbol and a clever slogan.

This is why slogans and symbols are perfect for things like promotional t-shirts. And they serve as a natural focal point for customers to look at on your car decal.

Again, it’s worth hiring a pro to whip you up a symbol if you don’t already have one. It will help you really define your brand in the area.

Don’t Forget the Deals

Many small business owners see a car decal as a “one and done” form of advertising. After all, why would you want to buy multiple decals throughout the year?

One reason is to advertise special deals. Chances are that you have different deals and specials that change throughout the year and across the seasons.

With car decal advertising, you can put information about those deals in front of every other driver on the road. As with more traditional advertising, nothing quite gets customer attention quite as much as the chance to save money.

Car Advertising: Hit the Gas

Now you know how to use decals for car advertising. But do you know who can provide the decals you need?

We provide a variety of pre-made car decal designs and can also bring any of your design dreams to life. If you want to see how we can help provide custom car decals, come request a deal today!