10 Funny Car Gifts for the Motorhead in Your Life

gifts for car lovers

Whether you’re the spouse of one, the boyfriend or girlfriend of one, or you just have one of those people in your family, we’ve all had to deal with them in our lives

Shopping for gifts for car lovers is an absolutely confusing and daunting task that leaves many in the fetal position.

But fear not! For everything you do not know about cars, there are still plenty of things you can do and get for your motorhead that will get them excited.

Read on to learn about the best car gifts you can get for the motorhead in your life.

Best Gifts For Car Lovers

While surely the best gifts for car lovers would be the gift of a new supercar or whatever their heart particularly fancies, we often must be more realistic in terms of price and practicality.

To that end, here is a great list of gifts for car lovers that they’ll be sure to love you for.

1. Car Vacuum

A win-win for them and for you the next time you have to ride with them!

A decent car vacuum can be immensely helpful in reaching those nooks and crannies of a vehicle that a shop vac or conventional vacuum just cannot.

Your motorhead will be grateful for the clean ride, and you’ll be grateful to be riding in one!

2. Car Stickers & Decals

Nothing is cooler than a sweet vehicle decal, and it can be just the thing to spruce up your car lovers ride this holiday season.

Whether you are looking for something cool, serious, or seriously dopey, you can be sure to find all kinds of stickers and decals for your motorhead that they can’t wait to put on their ride.

3. Exterior Cleaning Materials

It seems like the equivalent of getting someone soap or deodorant for a gift, but I assure you it will not feel that way to your car lover.

Exterior cleaning supplies such as wax, sealant, window cleaner, clay bars, and more are absolutely essential to those who are serious about keeping their car clean and their paint pristine.

Also worthy of investing in would be a nice set of microfiber towels, as they are extremely soft and gentle on a vehicle that is well cared for.

4. Interior Cleaning Materials

Much like the exterior cleaning materials, a motorhead will likely want to keep his interior spic and span.

Products such as odorcide and dashboard cleaning supplies can turn a dusty, smelly interior into something similar to when it first came off the lot.

Also, you simply cannot do without upholstery products. If your motorhead has leather seating, a good leather restoration cream and shine will make their seats pop and their heart sing!

5. Car Holder / Charger

Driving and phones often spell disaster. That’s why it can be beneficial to get the top gear money can buy today in order to ensure the motorhead in your life keeps their hands on the wheel and off their phone.

You could always go with something simple, such as a dashboard phone holder, which is great for navigation and doing simple things without taking the drivers eyes off the road significantly. However, you can do much better than that.

In addition to the simple phone holders, there are now holders that double as a phone charger, allowing your motorhead to keep a charge even if they’re on a long trip. Side note: great gift for you too, so they can never use “my phone was dead” as an excuse for not answering!

6. Driving Gloves

It may sound tacky, and for some, it probably is.

But, for the right person, with the right ride to set them off, a pair of driving gloves can make someone feel like they’re an F1 driver, zipping through the streets and feeling fly as all get out.

7. Tune-Up Kit

This is something that even a non-motorhead would need at some point if they were prudent.

A tune-up kit is just the thing to get an enthusiasts juices flowing, as it is giving them two gifts at once: the gift of the parts and the gift of getting to install those parts on their ride!

These can often be found easy enough, can be reasonably priced if you know where to look, and will always be a safe bet for the motorhead in your life.

8. Audio Upgrade

In this day and age, cars are getting retrofitted daily with sweet new gadgets and tech that didn’t exist when the car originally came out. This is true for every part of a car, but none more so than the radio and associated hardware.

For instance, AM/FM and CD players are no longer good enough for your average car. Now, you can get systems that are out of this world, and that’s before we even discuss the main interface you’ll be interacting with. Now you can get touch screens larger than the TV you had when you were a kid, ones that come with video capabilities and so much more.

You simply cannot go wrong when getting a motorhead a sweet audio upgrade.

9. Apparel and Clothing

A classic, but also very thoughtful and practical!

Getting a motorhead a nice shirt with the kind of vehicle they love is always a good bet.

In addition to shirts, there’s hats, key chains, lanyards, and virtually every other kind of apparel known to man, especially if the vehicle they like is a popular one.

10. Aftermarket Floor Mats

These are a great gift for anyone with a vehicle, but particularly for a motorhead who cares about the cleanliness of his cherished ride.

Weathertech mats are known to be the gold standard, but there are some pretty good knock-off brands you can find as well if you don’t wanna cough up the cash for the primo brands.

Get Custom Stickers And Decals For Your Ride

Getting gifts for car lovers isn’t always an easy task, so keep this list in mind when you’re shopping for the car enthusiast in your life.

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