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9 Things to Say “Fuck It” About with a Decal

Sometimes you want to have a calm rational discussion about things that upset you.

Other times you just want to say fuck it.

And for times where you want the world to know just how few fucks you give, we have “fuck it” decals.

If you want to know the best way to say fuck you in style check out our list of the 9 best ways to say fuck it with a decal.

1. Cancer

In 2018 over 600,000 people died due to cancer or related illnesses. Chances are you and everyone on the road has dealt with losing someone they love to cancer.

If you want to spread a sentiment that even the most G-rated soccer mom can get behind then the try saying fuck you to cancer.

This is both the perfect way to spread awareness and to remind people that sometimes the only way to deal with tragedy is to say fuck it.

2. The Road

Let’s face it, we all deal with road rage from time to time. But what if instead of expressing your anger on other drivers you take your anger out on the road.

We have the perfect fuck it decals to say fuck it to speed bumps potholes and anything else of the road that pisses you off.

3. Say Fuck it With Your Favorite Characters

If you’re looking at “fuck it” decals you are probably someone with distinguished taste. Which is why you know the classiest way to say fuck you to strangers is with a transformer’s fuck it decals.

If you want to tell people to go fuck themselves then check out our decals with your favorite characters.

4. Other Peoples Opinions

Want to show people how little you care about what they think? Then say it with a decal. Whether you want to say with a cowboy or just with a middle finger we’ll help you say it right.

5. Ford and Chevy

Not a fan of chevy then say fuck it with our decals. If you have a car brand that makes you angry then try out one of these decals.

6. Your Least Favorite State

Got beef with Alabama? Want to get back at Montana? Want to stick it to Florida just for being Florida?

Then we have the perfect decals for you. You can choose from a wide variety of states that everyone hates so you can be sure that your least favorite knows to go fuck itself.

7. Love

Love, isn’t it great?

Well, no given that around 1 in 4 marriages end in divorce love has some problems.

That’s why I say fuck it and now you can too with fuck love decals.

8. Hate

In these trying times, it’s tempting to just want to curl up and hate everything. But sometimes you just need to step back and say fuck it.

This is the perfect way to bring people together with the magic of saying fuck it.

9. Everything

Have you ever felt your vague sense of anger needs to be directed at all the things? Learn how to say fuck to everything with decals.

With our decals you can say fuck it to it them me, this and that.

You can even go fuck yourself if that’s what you’re into.

Want More Awesome Decal Ideas?

Now that you know how to say “fuck it” with your car want to say other things? Whether you want to express your love for religion or animals then start shopping today.

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